am i doing this right? 
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 am i doing this right?

hi all...i had 24 teeth removed back on nov 30th...after waiting 30
days, i am told that i need to go in again and have more bone and tissue
removed, or the dintures wont fit properly.

this is being done at a university dental school.

i hate the idea that after all i went thru, i must now go thru it again.
i need bone filed down on the front top and bottom. should this have
been done when the teeth were removed?

i am not being charged a second time as this was billed when the teeth
were removed.
i was iv sedated the 1st i am told novecain will do for this
second time.

what can i expect, pain wise with this procedure?

30 days after, i will start on my dentures...

thanks for any info


Thu, 27 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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