Managed care suits - managing them 
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 Managed care suits - managing them

Managed Care Congress
The Mirage - Las Vegas, NV
December 14-17, 1998

Certification - Continuing Education Credits

614 Wrestling New Developments in
Managed Care Liability Down to the

James Saxton, BA, JD Partner,
Stevens and Lee, Lancaster, PA.

As managed care continues to
penetrate, new liability rules are
developing. Learn where those
liability risks are growing and how
to begin to develop systems to
reduce liability risks and control
them when a claim is asserted. Learn
what is occurring in the courtroom,
which will drive home the point of
why it is so important to prevent
these claims in the first place.

I see. A course so that the managed
care folks learn how to duck the
lawsuits. How about the doctors?
Where do they figure into the
lawsuit stuff?

Does this scare anybody but me?



Joel M. Eichen, D.D.S.

Mon, 22 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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