Lawsuit on amalgam 
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 Lawsuit on amalgam

If your health is bad ..... CHECK THE FUNGICIDE!!!!!!!!!! ... JanDrew


Friday, April 20, 2001

DuPont to stop selling embattled fungicide
Suits claimed that Benlate ruined crops, plants and trees. That has led to
$1.3 billion in expenses, the company said.
DuPont Co., the No. 2 U.S. chemical maker, said it would stop selling its
Benlate fungicide on Dec. 31 because of litigation costs and regulatory
Benlate, which has about $90 million in annual sales, has cost the company
$1.3 billion for legal expenses, reserves, and the recall, DuPont spokesman
Clifton Webb said.
DuPont continues to face new lawsuits over Benlate a decade after the
version of the fungicide involved in most of the litigation, Benlate DF, was
pulled from the market. DuPont has paid about 1,000 farms and nurseries that
claimed the product ruined their crops, plants and trees. Dozens of suits
still await trial.
Although DuPont has steadily maintained that the fungicide was not
responsible for damage to growers, juries have decided otherwise.
A Miami jury decided on Feb. 27 that DuPont must pay an Ecuadoran shrimp
farm $12.3 million because Benlate flowing off banana plantations poisoned
shrimp, making them susceptible to disease.
And DuPont was ordered in June to pay $100.3 million to two Texas fruit
companies that claimed their crops were killed by a powdered form of
DuPont "is no longer willing to bear the high and continuing costs of
defending the product in the U.S. legal system," James Borel, vice president
and general manager of DuPont crop-protection products, said in a statement.
Borel said increased regulatory costs around the world also contributed to
the decision, which he said was part of the recently announced restructuring
of the company's agricultural businesses.
DuPont shares closed yesterday off 44 cents, or 0.95 percent, at $45.94.


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Tue, 07 Oct 2003 19:09:44 GMT
 Lawsuit on amalgam

Fri, 19 Jun 1992 00:00:00 GMT
 Lawsuit on amalgam

*Disgusting, Desperate, $hill, ("Joel M. Eichen") blathered:

**If your health is bad ..... CHECK THE FUNGICIDE!!!!!!!!!! ... JanDrew

Disgusting Joel ... Impersonating another and attributing words to her
that are your own garbage ... the defendant(s) in my lawsuit against the
lying silicone manufacturer and his $hill/mole did the same thing ... so
obsessively desperate to harm me ... they looked like idiots, too, just
like you.

Wed, 08 Oct 2003 08:29:44 GMT
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