Limitations of Medline, was Re: Nutrient fluoride? 
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 Limitations of Medline, was Re: Nutrient fluoride?

Re: Limitations of Medline, was Re: Nutrient fluoride?


>> Interesting thing about Medline is that it has limitations even though
>> it's a useful tool.
>Could you tell me about the limitations?

If you go back to my posts, especially the one which discussed hip
fractures, and look at David's web page with the abstracts he used,
you'll notice that a number of publications are missing even from
mainline peer-reviewed journals. I have noticed the same for some of his
other categories. I believe I also mentioned two papers on cancer that he
didn't access through Medline as well. One was a report by the NJ Dept of
Health. I'm sure part of the reason is just refining the search criteria
so that's not really a limitation of Medline but it was one of the things
I meant, although I do admit it was expressed badly.

The other problem is that Medline doesn't list all the journals
available. Some of the foreign smaller journals are not indexed. The same
holds true for the Science Citation Index. A lot of the fluoride research
which is done in foreign countries is published in these smaller non
accesible journals. While admittedly all foreign research is not up to
the quality standards of mainline journals, some is and there are various
reasons why it may not be accepted by these journals. The same holds true
for research other than fluoride. Often, good foreign research by third
world countries is tossed out with the bad. There are efforts now
underway that will attempt to rectify some of the problems foreign
researchers have encountered when trying to publish their work. See "Lost
Science in the Third World," by W. W. Gibbs, Scientific American, August
1995 for more information.

Cheers, Elke
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Mon, 29 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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