Dr. Voll and Dr. Boyd Haley - root canal therapy 
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 Dr. Voll and Dr. Boyd Haley - root canal therapy

Hey! That's dentistry.

Dr. Voll and Dr. Boyd Haley

Where is Dr. Haley's data for this statement about the
75% or is this simply one more internet rumor?


"According to research by Dr. Boyd Haley of the
University of Kentucky, 75% of root c{*filter*}teeth have
residual bacterial infections remaining in the dentinal


Returning to basics: Dentistry is about teeth and gums
and not really about diagnosing kidney problems!  If
you the dentist are treating kidneys then you are doing
something wrong!


What follows about EAV has not been established within
the medical community. It is pretty much a little
nonsensical theory.  It is quackery. So is fortune
telling, Kurelian photography, Feng Shui, Herbalife
multilevel marketing, and a whole bunch of other
ridiculous stuff designed to separate you from your


Yesterday, I administered an extremely profound
inferiolar alveolar nerve block. Then I corrected a
failed tooth restoration. The problem? The isthmus and
the occlusal aspect of a very simple two-surface
restoration were not prepared deeply enough. The floor
of the occlusal aspect was still enamel. I suspect this
was due to a less-than-profound inferior alveolar nerve
block by my predecessor.

My efforts resulted in a "job well done." There is
nothing earth shattering here and certainly nothing to
allow me to change my life style either. I am not
retiring on what I earned doing that job.

However, I am still quite happy thinking about the nice
job that resulted.  Now that, in its simplest form, is
dentistry. It is also a dying-breed of dentistry.
Without the marketing, the hype, full-mouth dentistry,
and the EAV electro-acupuncture according to Voll,
well, what is left?

Many of these things too will disappear while other new
nonsenses will appear. In the end, how many teeth our
patients retain is really what counts. Hey!  That is


Joel M. Eichen, D.D.S.


EAV Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll.

Several weeks ago I went to a Biological Dentistry
seminar over at Essene. There, I was introduced to EAV
also known as Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll.

What is EAV?

According to Dr. Breiner in his new book, Whole Body
Dentistry, published by Quantum Health Press, p.  91,


"The wife of a colleague of mine was having kidney
problems. My colleague related his wife's experience
with Dr. Voll. She had no mercury fillings but one root
canal.  Dr. Voll used his electro-acupuncture equipment
(known as EAV - see chapter 21) to test her energetic
pathways and told her she must have the root c{*filter*}
tooth removed."

"She resisted and tried many other treatments over a
period of time. She finally relented, removed the root
canal, and her kidney problems completely vanished.
When I heard that, I decided it was time to learn more
about root canals.  And the more I learned the more I
was shocked into re-evaluation of this highly intrusive



"For instance, EAV may indicate that a hypothyroid
condition which could actually be caused by a root
c{*filter*}in the upper first molar."

Dental Detective Story

"Simon, a man in his mid-fifties, being well-acquainted
with Whole Body Dentistry and alternative therapies,
came to me knowing that he had an abscessed tooth. He
also was having pain in the kidney area and he wanted
to know if the abscessed tooth was causing his kidney
problem and whether he should have the tooth removed."

"EAV testing indicated that in fact he had a kidney
problem, secondary to a bladder infection, and the
tooth had nothing to do with either one. I immediately
referred him to a medical doctor who reported that
indeed he had a bladder infection."

From Whole Body Dentistry
Mark A. Breiner DDS
Quantum Health Press 1999

Joel's comments:

Dr. Voll would have his patients hold a small brass
cylinder in one hand. He would then touch the tip of
the stylus to an acupuncture point. The cylinder would
introduce a small amount of electrical current, which
would travel through the body to reach the stylus, thus
forming a completed electrical circuit. The amount of
skin resistance at the acupuncture site would then be

I would like to see a nice double-blind study where
some of the patients/subjects have six or eight root
c{*filter*}teeth.  Let's see if the EAV researcher can
determine which patient/subject has root canals, which
patient/subject has fillings and which patient/subject
has unscathed teeth without the patient/subject opening
his/her mouth.  I say it is impossible.

More EAV information
at the bottom of this post.

A Biologic Approach to Root Canals
Conventional dental procedures offer a technique which
does not take into account biocompatibility of the
filling materials, potential injury to surrounding
tissues due to the caustic nature of medicaments used
and high percentage of residual bacterial

According to research by Dr. Boyd Haley of the
University of Kentucky, 75% of root c{*filter*}teeth have
residual bacterial infections remaining in the dentinal
tubules. These lingering infections produce toxic
wastes that enter the {*filter*} stream and can affect any
part of the body.

A dentist, Weston Price, brought this information to
light in the 1940's.  Unfortunately for patients and
the dental profession his scientific documentation and
views were pushed aside. To date there is no acceptable
conventional therapy to resolve this issue.

Conventional dental root c{*filter*}therapy uses several
materials that are not compatible:

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