Urinary Hg. 
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 Urinary Hg.

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Subject: Mercury Amalgams
Date: 21 Apr 2001 06:06:55 GMT
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1: Occup Environ Med 1995 Feb;52(2):124-8 Related Articles, Books

People with high mercury uptake from their own dental amalgam fillings.

Barregard L, Sallsten G, Jarvholm B.

Department of Occupational Medicine, Sahlgrenska University Hospital,

OBJECTIVES--To describe people with high mercury (Hg) uptake from their
fillings, and to estimate the possible fraction of the occupationally
Swedish population with high excretion of urinary Hg. METHODS--Three case
reports are presented. The distribution of excretion of urinary Hg in the
general population was examined in pooled data from several sources.


If your dentist has a problem with Urinary Hg,
then perhaps he needs to find a better storage area for his dental supplies

RESULTS--The three cases excreted 23-60 micrograms of Hg/day (25-54
micrograms/g creatinine), indicating daily uptake of Hg as high as 100
micrograms. {*filter*} Hg was 12-23 micrograms/l, which is five to 10 times the
average in the general population. No other sources of exposure were found,
removal of the amalgam fillings resulted in normal Hg concentrations.
gum and bruxism were the probable reasons for the increased Hg uptake.
Extrapolations from data on urinary Hg in the general population indicate
the number of people with urinary excretion of > or = 50 micrograms/g
creatinine could in fact be larger than the number of workers with
exposure from occupational sources. CONCLUSION--Although the average daily
uptake from dental amalgam fillings is low, there is a considerable
between people; certain people have a high mercury uptake from their amalgam

PMID: 7757165 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


Wow! Some people should not live anywhere near cars either. The soot is very

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 Urinary Hg.

>Some people should not live anywhere near cars either. The soot is very

avoid nyc and ca at all costs.

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