Proof That Jan Drew Lied About Having Mercury Poisoning From Amalgams 
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 Proof That Jan Drew Lied About Having Mercury Poisoning From Amalgams

Subject: Re: Questions for Jan and Others
Date: 2002-04-24 12:38:58 PST

http://www.***.com/ +it+was+the+metal+regain+health+gr...

>How do I know it was the metal? Because my mercury level was monitored
>by my
>MD, it was only AFTER the metal was removed that it started dropping
>and I started to regain my health. My MD diagnosed me as having mercury
>poisoning. She believes it was the metal in my mouth and she is having hers

But Jan's mercury level did not drop right after she had her amalgams
removed. It actually INCREASED and Jan knows that it did as proven by


>You also thought I knew nothing about one's mercury level rising while the
>work was being done. You were wrong. What you can't get through your thick head
>is that I DID indeed feel better BECAUSE the work was over. For NO other
>> http://www.***.com/ ++%22I+hav+felt+better+today+that++%22...

 She had 8 amalgams removed over a 20-30 hour period and a
week (June 26, 1999) later was able to go out line dancing when she
was bedfast before having the mercury out. Her mercury level a week
after removal was likely the highest in her life.

And yet Jan Drew says that the removal of 8 amalgams made a
difference. She also said she was no longer getting a daily dose of
mercury even though she still had four more amalgams to remove.

Jan claims that she meant to say that she was no longer receiving a
daily dose of mercury from the eight amalgams but was receiving a
daily dose from four amalgams. This is a lie along with claiming that
all her dental work was done when she said she felt better than she
had in two years.


>>>You felt better than you had in two years
>>>within days of having the amalgams out and that had nothing to do with
>>>mercury coming out of your body.

>>And I NEVER said it was! I siad, the dental work was over, the bill was paid
>>and that burden was lifted. NO more sitting in the dental chair with a {*filter*}
>>dam in my mouth for two hours at a time. It's called a burden lifted. It's
>>spelled RELIEF.
>But at the time that you felt better than you had in two years you did
>not yet have all the amalgams removed yet.
>Of course I did. The work was over the bill was paid, no more sitting in the
>dentist chair.

Now let us look at when Jan said that she felt better than she had in
two years to see if she really had all her dental work done:

http://www.***.com/ ++%22I+hav+felt+better+today+that++%22...

Date: 1999/06/18

I have been reading this thread. I have peripheral neuropathy. I have
found a
dentist (alternative) who knows that mercury amalgams are very
dangerous. They
can cause all manner of things. He will remove them and put in
composities. I
have just had 3/4 of mine remover. The others will come out in a few
along with the one root canal, which will be extracted.

If an individual has read on this subject and is knowledgable, he will
care of you.

He has written "Tooth Truth and tells it like it is. He tells how the
ADA has
covered up this problem.

So, it is just a matter of finding the right dentist. He has people
flying in
from all over to get the work done.

I believe the mercury is the cause of my problems. I hav felt better
today that
I have in the last 2 years, and am looking forward to getting the rest
of the
mercury out and the root c{*filter*}pulled.



I guarantee that Jan will not address her contradictions and instead
make a personal attack against me likely by starting a new thread in
order to divert attention from her lies. Just watch.



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