Vioxx for dental pain ... 
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 Vioxx for dental pain ...

Merck shares fall after Vioxx sales disappoint analysts

Shares of drugmaker Merck & Co. fell 6 percent yesterday despite a strong
earnings report. Merck shares were down $4.66, at $73.61, on the New York
Stock Exchange. Merrill {*filter*} & Co. Inc. noted that sales of Merck's
second-largest-selling drug, Vioxx, for patients with arthritis or acute
pain, while up 31 percent to $485 million, were substantially below the
brokerage's estimate. Gross margins also were weaker than Merrill {*filter*} had
expected. But analysts said there could be other reasons for the stock
slide: the slowing growth rate for Merck's six biggest {*filter*}, concerns about
four {*filter*} coming off patent this year, and investors leaving relatively
safe drug stocks for technology shares given the market's strong week.

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