gold topped tooth rotted away and gold broke off! 
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 gold topped tooth rotted away and gold broke off!

> I got a "gold tooth" many yrs ago. Seems that the soft inner part of my tooth rotted
> away (I think the dentist got the nerve.. Never any pain) and now, the gold broke
> away from the 'natural' root... Gawd.. I need to hang out with a dentist more often.
> Vocabulary's a bit lacking..<grin>
> Anyway.. Are they worth anything? Just kidding!
> Will it be difficult to pull with no "inner stuff" to strengthen the thing? Like will it just
> shatter? Will surgery be required? Can I just get it cleaned out and have a new
> gold-plug installed?
> Can *I* pull it?

Sears have a very nice fine-tipped needle nose pair of pliars that will
be ideal for you to perform this task.
1.Drink a fair quantity of favorite booze.
2.Grip remaining piece firmly.
3.Close eyes.
4 Pull.
5.Visit {*filter*}surgeon to stop bleeding.
6.Pay {*filter*}surgeon double fee to clean up the mess.

good luck with your endeavors.
Adrian Rose,Boca Raton,Fl(Home
of.........fill in blank)

Sun, 17 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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