Dr Karen' Anderson's confusion 
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 Dr Karen' Anderson's confusion

Subject: Re: Dr Karen Anderson

Date: 4/29/01 8:38 PM US Eastern Standard Time

Interesting ... you have included my original post and only your response to
it .... had you actually posted publically as you claim then this would have
already gone public!!

IT DID!  On 4/24/01 12:13 PM. And it was copied on the exact same post that you
copied! Do you know how to read a header????? Copy being sent to AOL.


> Subject: Re: Amalgams

> Date: 4/24/01 12:13 PM US Eastern Standard Time

> Karen,

> You are new here, I have answered previously as to what my dentist uses.
It is
> Visofil. He has checked it out it has never had a single negative report.

> >f you wish to
> >criticise you _MUST_ be able to present a better alternative ...

> First of all this is not true. Everyone seems to think I am here to
> I am here to tell others what happened to me. I spent two years* AND
> searching for an answer to my hrealth problem. In the meantime my health
> deteriorating rapidly. Because the *establishment*  refuses to believe
> mercury amalgams can cause mercury poisoning, they couldn't find my
problem. I
> even went to the Florida Institute of Health (alternative), they found
that my
> immune system was so weakened I was receiving no benefit from my food. My
> bowels nearly shut down. I had to take{*filter*}s. I nearly died. They were
> of the danger of mercury amalgams to some people. I was also reading books
> suggested the possibility. That's when I started putting things together.
> already knew I had peripheral neuropathy and I kept reading that mercury
> attacks the central nervous system. *I* then made the decision to get the
> removed. When I found my dentist Dr Frabnk Jerome, he also knew of people
> had the same problems that I had.

> Now back to your statement. There are people who know other people who
> regained their health AFTER the metal was removed. Certainly one can be
> concerned about the dangers of mercury in the mouth. They *DO NOT* have to
> an alternative to what you call criticize. I could criticize the Ford
> because I bought a lemon, I don't need to know how other cars are made.

> >. let's tighten up this discussion a little if
> >you are confident enough to stand by your convictions :)

> Again you are new here. I have stood by my convicitions through thick and
> I have been called everything in the books,,,,,,,,,and a few new ones. You
> I was on the misc health alt newsgroup, BEFORE I had the metal removed. I
> layed problems, and was still very ill. I took a{*filter*}ing and kept on
ticking. I
> know without *any* doubt that my old fillings were my problem. My mercury
> keeps dropping and I am still working on chelation. I truly have no desire
> criticize any one dentist, why does make me mad is those that absolutely
> to believe that mercury does release vapors and leaks into the body
> deeply inbedded in tissue. This is many people's problem. AND THEY ARE
> SEARCHING.................because of the ADA lies. I hope and pray that I
> be able to help someone and pray that they will NEVER EVER suffer as I
did. I
> am so very thankful that I found my problem and am alive and well

> >oh and if you
> >don't reply you can be sure Joel will constantly remind you that you
> >couldn't come up with a practical solution when asked LOL!!

> Speaking of Joel, he is obsessed with me. I really have no ill feelings
> him, I truly believe he is showing very bad signs of mercruy in the brain.
> his own sake I wish he would get it checked out.

> This is NOT a big win or lose game to me. It is in the hopes that I can
> someone/anyone from what I went through. Please understand that.

> BTW, I still believe you owe me an opology for your unkind words. You were
> quick to judge, without knowing the facts.

> I will have to say that when I first came to the other newsgroup the
> were denying that mercury could come from amalgams. That has now changed.
> had done no research just believed whatever the ADA said. They now have
> into it and know a bit more than in the beginning.

> I don't know how this all got turned around. I have stated *if you have an
> unanswered health problem CHECK THE TEETH.* What part of that do you find
> with?

> Sincerely,

> Jan

> (who was bed fast for several months praying that God would just let me
> die.............now I am alive and well and hope to help others)

Sun, 19 Oct 2003 13:13:55 GMT
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