orthostatic hypotension? 
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 orthostatic hypotension?

From Internal Medicine News, Feb 1,2001     Page 1     very interesting
article, but a small study of patients

"prescribe a glass of water.  Low cost option gives an hour of relief"

"Drinking a glass of watere gives patients about an hour of relief, enough
time 'to do what they need to do, like go to the store,' Dr David Robertson
ssaid at the annual scientific sessions of the American Heart Association.

...studied 11 patients with average seated systolic {*filter*} pressure of 120 mm
Hg and average standing pressures of 80 mm Hg.  Each patient drank 16 ounces
of tap water.  Thirty minutes later, their average systolic pressure while
seated was 145 mm Hg; standing pressure was 110 mg Hg.

Effects were evident at 5 minutes and peaked at 25 minutes. ... '"

After reading this, any patient that I think may faint will get 16 oz of

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