What's a kilter? 
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 What's a kilter?

Newsgroups: sci.med.dentistry

Subject: Re: Arrogant Dentists
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 23:50:04 GMT
Organization: Humantics Foundation for Women

**>Date: 4/16/01 7:20 PM US Eastern Standard Time

**> Thanks for the clarification.  I feel better now.
**You are welcome, you have no reason to feel bad.

Joel's arrogance is so far out of kilter ... the Junk$cientists and
HealthFrauds seem to believe that only those who agree with them have the
right to freedom of speech ...


Dr. Steven Barrett makes plenty of sense to me. He has written books and
speaks about quacks. Our society is overloaded with quacks -- non-scientific
charlatans who prey on guillible people mainly for money. You know, getting
a doctor's degree takes lots of work. I think I now better understand the
purpose for many of our somewhat esoteric courses!

By the way, what is a kilter? Is it one if those little plaid skirts that
the Scottish men wear?

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