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Subject: Re: Dr. Barrett is a hero
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Date: 2001-03-06 19:40:08 PST

   My reasons for bring here are a bit complex I
suppose.  One thing I do "hate" is seeing desperately ill people, fighting
to live,
falling victim to frauds and quacks.  I speak up in defense of Barrett,
because I
believe he hates to see that as well.  I speak out against Hulda Clark,
because her
popular books and claims are one of the most indefensible frauds inflicted
cancer and AIDS sufferers going.

Well said Bill. And thanx for adding another voice to our discussion.
Health fraud is a major problem I agree and Dr. Barrett has a web site
that provides information that is supported by many references. If
others want to disagree with him, that is fine but to slander and
belittle him is uncalled for.

Jan Drew is one of the biggest belittlers in this newsgroup and she
has engaged in this type of obnoxious behavior since she started
posting to this newsgroup. She is angry at Barrett because he does not
speak out against unnecessary deaths due to conventional medicine. And
while I agree that unnecessary deaths IS an important issue, I ALSO
believe that health fraud is an important issue.

Sorry my defense of Barrett makes you "sick."

Your protection of Barrett makes me sick.

Jan is particularly sensitive to Dr. Barrett's assertions because she
is completely convinced that without removing her amalgams that she
would be dead now. She believes that Hulda Clark is responsible for
saving her life. However there is clear evidence that much of the
suffering that Jan Drew experiences is due to psychologic factors.
This is supported by the observation that within days of her having
her amalgams removed that she felt better than she had in TWO YEARS!!
It is obvious that a major part of Jan's suffering was due to
excessive worrying that her amalgams were causing her problems as
Hulda Clark convinced her and that simply having them out relieved her
so greatly that she felt so much better within DAYS of the procedure.

Jan obsessively posts here to tell us how she is regaining her health.
She obsessively posts here to tell us how she is having the time of
her life. IMO she seems to be trying to convince us (in actuality
herself) that she is doing quite well. She must continue to believe
because without this belief she will likely sink into hopelessness and

I predict that within the next six months to a year that Jan will
again think that she is suffering from some fatal condition and that
alternative medicine will successfully find the cause and successfully
treat it when conventional medicine fails her.




>> Jan


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Sat, 11 Oct 2003 08:16:42 GMT
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>Date: 4/23/01 7:16 PM US Eastern Standard Time

>Subject: Re: Dr. Barrett is a hero
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>Date: 2001-03-06 19:40:08 PST

Lord have mercy. Joel has flipped out. If anyone would like to waste some time,
you can read Rich's posts. You will find what kind of person he is. Please do
look for his mentioning of my parents who have alzheimers and his trying to
belittle me because I spent some time in Florida. This continued even after the
death of my dad two months ago.

Rich has a history of diagnosing everyone who disagrees with him. Joel is
probably in touch with him as they both suffer from obsessions.

Get help Joel.


Sat, 11 Oct 2003 11:41:01 GMT
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