More Improvements From Removal of Amalgams 
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 More Improvements From Removal of Amalgams

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> Altern Ther Health Med 2000 Jul;6(4):49-55 Related Articles, Links  

>Results of dental amalgam removal and mercury detoxification using DMPS and
>neural therapy.

>Kidd RF.

>Sixty consecutive patients who had undergone replacement of dental amalgam
>fillings and a protocol of nutritional support and heavy metal detoxification
>using dimercapto-propanyl-sulfate and neural therapy were surveyed. A
>questionnaire was mailed to the patients and 42 responded, resulting in a
>response rate of 70%. The reasons for undergoing treatment were many, ranging
>from a patient's desire to avoid potential health problems in the future to
>treatment of serious current disease. Although medical diagnoses were made
>possible before treatment, this survey studied only the patients' estimations
>of their most distressing symptoms and their evaluations of response to
>treatment. The most common complaints were problems with memory and/or
>concentration; muscle and/or joint pain; anxiety and insomnia; stomach,
>and bladder complaints; depression;">food or chemical sensitivities; numbness
>tingling; and eye symptoms, in descending order of frequency. The most
>distressing symptoms were headache and backache, fatigue, and memory and
>concentration problems. Headache and backache responded best to treatment,
>all symptoms showed considerable improvement on average. Of the respondents,
>78% reported that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the
>of treatment, and 9.5% reported that they were disappointed.

>PMID: 10895513 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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