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Censorshup of what? Something that you didn't like? Joel has told many lies
here and makes up stories. That is *his* problem. He has done everything in
power to try and belittle me. Goes on all the time. Whining to a provider is
childish and a waste of time, unless someone has threatening you with
harm. I have never known aol to toss people because they made a statement
someone didn't like. Mercy, everyone would be tossed off.



Yep. It is a lie that JanDrew uses Standard Process Pills dispensed by her
"health care provider" not an M.D. by the way, to chelate mercury from the
amalgams right outa her body. These are all lies, of course. Therefore we
wouldn't repeat that at sci.med.dentistry, we would just tell patients, "if
your immune system is sick, CHECK THE TEETH!!!!!! and call Dr. Jerome the
dentist to SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!"

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