Abscess>TGN op avoided (Was: Re: dental pain, lip and face tingling) 
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 Abscess>TGN op avoided (Was: Re: dental pain, lip and face tingling)

I notice the Face Pain Help FAQ does not have the fibromyalgia newsgroup

: Mare, Thanks for the info. I have an appointment next week with my
: dentist. I think it must cause headaches also. I just had my eyes
: checked so I know that is not the problem. I wake up every morning with
: a really bad headache and I can get it down to a dull roar by the end of
: the day but it is very annoying. My doctor did have me try the mouth
: piece the athletics wear to keep me from grinding my teeth at night but
: that did not work. Thanks. Debbie


Subject: Re: Tearing my hair !
Newsgroups: sci.med.dentistry

: You might also be interested to know of an interesting case I had about 5
: years ago of a patient with {*filter*} pain.  She was set up to travel to
: another city to have a procedure done by a famous neurosurgeon (the
: procedure is named after him) for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia.
: The patient had seen many neurologists in the Philadelphia area and all
: agreed on the diagnosis and referred her for brain surgery.  The
: neurosurgeon examined her and her records and agreed.

: She ended up in my office, explained her story, and guess what?  I listened
: to her describe her {*filter*} pain symptoms and it sounded like a bad tooth to
: me.  An xray revealed a dental abscess.  Root c{*filter*}treatment cured the pain
: and the  brain surgery was canceled (you can imagine she was happy about
: that).

It is interesting that you say *she* was so happy. Did you ask her how
the surgeon felt about it?

: Always be careful when surgery is recommended!

And thank you to the person who said to me, probably in February, that my
{*filter*} troubles could be related to a wrongly done root canal.

When I was young and playing for several days in a big orchestra I
developed pain behind the eyes. It got quite bad.

I wonder if the loud sound was putting much ears (quite large pinnas -
sound collectors - compared to average) under stress with jaw clenching
resulting and pressure on the trigeminal ganglion at the base of the
skull. The trigeminal ganglion is the ganglion from which the {*filter*} and
eye control nerves originate.

The pain was like some that I have had in the last year. The clenching
would cause lack of circulation and inflammation of the area at the apex
of the upper teeth. That is very close to the sinuses, and inflammation
could get up to the base of the skull? How far does bone swell away from
the sight of trouble - inflammation? Could the nerve pathways through the
skull get closed a bit, pressing on the nerves in addition to the
trigeminal ganglion sometimes?

Can trigeminal neuralgia (TGN) pain be behind the eye?

Thanks for stimulating discussion, on sci.med.dentistry, Webby. You write
on the jaw joint which is mentioned on an article of this thread in the
fibromyalgia group. That person might do well to heed the warnings about
approaches to jaw treatment currently on sci.med.dentistry.

I wonder how ear-toxic {*filter*} affect TMD trouble.

Aspirin can cause tinnitus, that could increase jaw clenching and worsen TMD?

I wonder if I will be criticised for cross posting to
alt.med.fibromyalgia again. Sometimes I think that the criticism is
intended to suppress (new) ideas.

Mon, 24 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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