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 Dental Problem

I have a dental problem, and my dental insurance from work would only cover
1/2 of the cost.  The cost was quoted at around $4000.00.  I have to have
the few remaining teeth taken out and then have dentures.  The best I was
able to swing from my medical from work was that they would pay for the
hospital time.  The remaining cost is $2000.00 approx. and I do not have it.
I almost have not teeth left - rotted away at the gum line the dental guy
said...''All have to go''.

Credit?  Forget it (that rhymes)!  I am at what I guess you would call below
middle class, have worked the majority of my life - and could not afford
medical/dental up until this job.  I was married for 3+ years and there
went the credit, yes fell for that trap.  

Now the problem worsens - I have been laid off from my job - and my dental
and medical will end at the end of the month.  If I thought I could process
this claim and get it done - I would.  Do I think this dental guys office
will help in any way?  No.  They gave me a form to apply for a dental
credit card called DEN-CHARGE, even though I told them I would not be
approved.  Talking to the ladies in the office is like talking to a stone
cold wall, all they are concerned with is "Can you pay?"  I doubt they
would even let me back in to talk to the guy.

This is a big obstacle in my life, and I do not know how to get around it?
Noone in my family has any money to help.  This is however a big problem -
as I am an intelligent guy - who knows quite a bit about computers and
have learned lots more about networking - especially from the nice people
here on Usenet and Internet.  I think I have a future in this field, but
this is stopping me from becomming what I really want to become.  Even
my last job was a ... "Make Do, Pay the Rent Job".  I aspire to more than
this - but it is difficult when you are afraid to open your mouth....
The embarrasment is overcoming...I avoid public contact

Usually pride would prevent me from even posting this message - But all
pride and self asteem fades when you are afraid of people to see you -
You cannot smile, etc.

I hate to ask for money from anyone, and usually would die to pay it back.
Actually usually I am the one giving money...I'm not on a money thing here,
never was.  Actually i wish sometimes there was not such thing - it only
clouds what your really trying to accomplish.

I will take any type of advice. they wont give me a written document telling
me what exactly they will do - but I will send a copy of the card they wrote
out the abbreviations and $ amounts on to anyone who's help deems it

If someone wants to call me direct - E-Mail me and I will send back my #.
Even if like a Dental School or whatever could do this for training - I
do not care - as long as it gets done.  Or you can adopt me if you like
(in a sense) like they do hungry kids in far-away places.  I'll send you
pictures of me with my messed up teeth, and then again after fixed?? :-)

Funny I draw smiley faces all the time - but cannot smile for real.

I live with my mother - who can no longer work - so she mainly depends
on me for income other than Social Security stuff from the US Govt.  She
can confirm all of this if need be, we are at the same address a tel #.

Thanks for any help,

Alan G. Spicer
6131 N.E. 4 Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33334-1913
Data (Wildcat! BBS) 305-938-7088 FidoNet Node: 1:369/138

Sat, 09 Nov 1996 12:32:45 GMT
 Dental Problem

Spicer) writes:

I am a dental tech. up in indiana you ideas are very good . You may
want to try a dental school if you have one in the area some of them
will work  on you for a lesser fee. since you also claim to have the
necessary skills to possibly set up computers you may also want to
consider bartering your services in exchange for the dental work you
need. a lot of dental office are trying to add compters to their
offices and will need to have help to get this set up. you may also
want to consider the medicad system if you can so a health problem
with this  you may be able to get some funds from them. although i'm
not sure on that one in florida.   you may also want to get out the
yellow pages and just start going down the list .  good luck hope
this was of help :)

Sun, 01 Dec 1996 14:37:03 GMT
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