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 THIS IS MISC *HEALTH* ALTERNATIVE - off topic for toothies

Jan Drew under fire!

I heard a rumor: MHA newsgroup is going
to be renamed MISC.BEATIN.UP. JAN.SHE.DESERVES.IT. Is it true?



> > >Date: 3/23/03 3:35 PM US Eastern Standard Time

> > >Yes, it is a public newsgroup, not a private discussion. All are welcome
> to
> > >post here, regardless of nationality, ethnic background, religious
> beliefs,
> > >gender, marital status, age, or {*filter*} orientation.

> > That's correct.

> So why has Jan brought up things like "Jew boy" & quoted Bible verses
> condemning {*filter*}ity in MHA?

> > >When prejudice becomes apparent, then I would hope that someone would
> speak
> > >out against it.  If they do so in a way that deepens understanding of the
> > >problem, then more power to them.

> > Apparent to whom????

> > This is a HEALTH group.

> > If one want to discuss what they deem prejudice,  take it to the
> appropriate
> > ng.

> Holy shit! -- is Jan so stupid that she doesn't see "Jew boy", Holocaust
> denial, & saying that a "certain European leader" may have been right (in
> his dealing with the Jews) isn't disgusting predjudice at its worst?  No, I
> think she WELL aware it is.  That makes her a liar of the worst sort.

> Michele

Fri, 09 Sep 2005 06:30:00 GMT
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