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Subject: Drustore cowboys of {*filter*} space.
Date: 21 Apr 2001 03:22:02 GMT
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Some time I think this board is like the old drug store I used to hang at.
There are the usual suspects sitting around reading and commenting. Joel is
like the "maltshop King" holding court every friday night

This board has degenerated out of dental professional fellowship and into a
{*filter*}tore-malt shop circus.
Vant felix vant


I love it. It is a malt shop!

What happens here? I have learned about how patients think. In person,
people would rarely tell us about their fears about amalgam, the Orthodontic
Look, fluoride, etc.

An occasional person asks for some serious advice and generally, they get
quite a few answers. Most inquisitors leave long before we finish discussing
it. No problemo. We are learning and teaching one another.

Unfortunately, serious discussions take too much typing ... and reading so
we are definitely limited.

Still, the interactivity is what draws me here ..... that and the



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