Help! Titanium Implant or fixed bridge 
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 Help! Titanium Implant or fixed bridge

I recently lost my first lower molar on the right. The teeth next to it are
strong and healthy. I am 46
My question is: what is a more appropriate replacement procedure: a fixed
bridge or a titanium implant? I've spoken to several dentists here ( I live
in Brazil) and cannot make up my mind, what to do.
The family dentist, who is very good at bridges, says that he does not
recommend an implant for me because a) implants are appropriate when several
teeth need to be replaced , which is not my case, b)  there is a real risk
of damaging the nerve that runs through the location where the titanium
would be implanted.
The implantologist  I consulted says nonsense because a) titanium implants
are much better than fixed bridges because they do not depend on the
neighboring teeth , b) a tomography will prevent the dentist from damaging
the nerve and, anyway, I have plenty of bone in the location (14 mm) and c)
implants last longer than fixed bridges.

Obviously, these dentists have done a great job in confusing me and I need
to make up my mind soon so I will be very grateful for any input that will
help me make up my mind.

Sat, 17 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 Help! Titanium Implant or fixed bridge
Dear Carla,
How long is a piece of string? There are two ways of dealing with your
problem and the dentists have given you reasonable arguments for both sides
of the case. Based on the info you have given, if it were me I would go for
the implant because:
1) You have two healthy teeth which will not be cut down if an implant is
2) You state that there is sufficient bone to place an implant without
endangering the inferior alveolar nerve.
3) Implants are a well proven type of treatment. Both a bridge and an
implant can fail but my money goes for the implant if enough bone, occlusion
is well managed and bone is correct quality.
Good Luck
Michael Zybutz BDS MSD Washington USA

Sun, 18 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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