Precocious 6 yr old 
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 Precocious 6 yr old

You can see the photos of my 6 yr old little guy here:




or on the site at


Briefly: Presents for pain on biting and points to upper left. We had
done an OL Am on the E of that side in March... Looked fine, no
Percussion or hot/cold.

Saw the DO caries on the D and assumed that was the cause. Prepared to
freeze and take a photo. He complained that the topic burned, so I took
out the Q-Tip and while preparing to freeze, I noticed the gum swelling.
Then decided to take photo b/4 freezing. Took photos both sides and saw
the lucency corresponding to the developing UL 1 PM and noticed it
corresponds more or less to the ulcer on the buccal gingiva between the
D & E. Noticed that the D roots were completely resorbed, and the E
roots are almost the same... Neither tooth is mobile yet.

Advised the mother that the pain is probably precocious eruption, but I
would send the photos to the Local Pedo Guy and get that confirmed.
Truth is: I really don't like the look of that lesion at the level of
the UL 1 PM... Is it inflammation due to eruption or is it a tumor????

Didn't want to scare the mother (just got divorced, having a hard
time...) so I simply told her we'd see the little guy again in a week or
so. We did: the ulcer was all but gone, but the D hadn't exfoliated yet.
If I decide to take it out, I'll scoop out some of the tissue under it
and send it off to Pathology. Haven't heard 'Boo' from the Local Pedo
Guy yet.

Any one have any thoughts as to what is going on in this 6 year old?

Not a real Addy, yet

Sat, 31 Mar 2007 08:06:55 GMT
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