FREE Dental treatment for people who need crowns, fillings and cleaning 
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 FREE Dental treatment for people who need crowns, fillings and cleaning


        My wife is a licensed DENTIST from India, and is taking the
        CA State Licensure. Her exams are in the last week of June in
        San Francisco. This is the last exam that she has to take before
        she can practise on her own in the state of California.

        The checkups and treatment are absolutely FREE!! for the qualified.

        She is specifically looking for the following.

        1. A person with an RCT (Root C{*filter*}Treatment) done before, for
           putting a Gold Crown to that dead tooth and make it last longer.

        2. A person with a cavity in one of the teeth for filling.

        3. A person with adequate amount of tartar and calculus formation
           for cleaning.

        If you have a tooth ache or suspect you have some cavities, or if
        you already had an RCT done before, but could not afford a Gold
        Crown as your insurance does not cover it or you don't have any
        dental insurance at all and would like to get your teeth fixed,
        please call (408)737-1415 and set up an appointment.

        The checkup and initial X-Rays are FREE. With the X-Rays she can find
        out whether or not you have any problems and let you know of the same.
        Only if she decides that you have a case that she can use for her exam,
        you will be given the FREE treatment.  Else, you at least will know
        what has gone wrong with your teeth.



Sun, 15 Sep 1996 03:18:18 GMT
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