FDA and Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings 
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 FDA and Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings

The judge ruled that the FDA must follow the law and classify the
fillings and she told them to decide on a date during negotiations. So
reluctantly the FDA promised to actually classify the amalgam fillings
in one year. The Judge said the FDA was not to drag their feet for
another 32 years."


> My Homespun Version on the FDA Report on Mercury Amalgam Dental

> (For mood, listen to "Charlie Brown, He's a Clown" on
> YouTube while you read this ridiculous story.)

> Charlie Brown, "He's a Clown," attorney for Consumers for
> Dental Choice, has battled the FDA for years, trying to get them to do
> the right thing and classify amalgam fillings. Before any product goes
> on the market it is supposed to be classified as Class I, II, or III.

> For years mercury amalgam dental fillings have been on the market
> without any classification at all because they
> were"grandfathered" into use. So Charlie took the FDA to court
> and another court.You can read about his escapades with them at
> www.toxicteeth.org < http://www.***.com/ ; .

> He brought a lawsuit against them entitled "Moms Against Mercury vs.
> the Scoundrels at the FDA" or some such name. After this the FDA
> offered to let us speak at the 2006 hearings on the connection between
> mercury fillings and neurological disease. But our scientists were
> able to speak for 7 minutes and their scientists could speak for 15 to
> 20 minutes.

> We saw liberty and justice for all at the FDA hearings. Dr. Wayne King
> wanted to bring in his Jerome vapor tester and an amalgam dental
> so he could measure the amount of mercury vapor coming off the
> but the guards working for the FDA confiscated his equipment. Boy, Dr.
> King was hot! The guards wouldn't let us show our posters, and signs
> were everywhere warning us not to protest. They must have thought we
> were subversives!

> The Advisory Panel wondered why the FDA was calling them in after
> Day to hear our testimonies when the FDA had already made up their
> and issued their "White Paper" to the media over the Labor Day
> weekend stating the fillings were perfectly safe. Then the Advisory
> panel wondered why the information was handpicked by the FDA, and why
> they did not have access to more information. They asked the FDA to
> reconvene the panel at a later date to offer them more information,
> the FDA decided to only open up their dockets for more comments. The
> never published all the 2,000comments on their website. claiming they
> were understaffed, so the Advisory panel never got to read them all
> never got to comment further on the FDA policy.

> But the Advisory panel did vote twice, 13to 7, against the validity of
> the FDA White Paper, stating they didn't have enough information to
> rule amalgam safe or unsafe. They voted it was unreasonable to believe
> the FDA report (the White Paper) based on the evidence they were
> present.

> After the hearings Charlie Brown had to sue again to make the FDA
> a classification and the judge ruled that the parties must go into
> negotiation. The FDA agreed to put warnings on their website about
> possible neurological damage to children and to the babies in the womb
> when the mother is pregnant and is exposed to mercury vapor from
> fillings.

> The judge ruled that the FDA must follow the law and in one year
> actually classify the amalgam fillings. So Charlie was happy with the
> warnings on the FDA website while he waited around for a year for
> final classification. So that is what happened on July 28, 2009. The
> classified the fillings as Class II, the very thing we fought against
> for years. And they took down the warnings about the possible
> neurological conditions, even though they promised Charlie they would
> remain on the FDA website after the Classification.

> Our movement and Charlie wanted them classified at least as a Class
> device, with a ban be the best choice. Under a Class III
> the FDA would have to actually do testing on the mercury component of
> the amalgam filling to see if mercury is a poison is a poison is a
> poison. Of course mercury is a poison, and thus would not pass the
> III classification, because mercury is a poison. The FDA knows it is
> poison, so they did not want to classify amalgam as a Class III
> because that would upset the American Dental Association and their
> ties with the dental branch of the FDA.

> But the FDA did what I and others knew they would do, put the amalgams
> in a Class II classification with some very weak warnings. If you will
> check the FDA website you will find their warnings are generic in
> and really don't even address the dangers of mercury in amalgams.
> They tell dentists to make sure their offices are well ventilated. But
> how do dentists make sure their offices are well ventilated? Bring
> Grandma's old fan out of the attic?

> The FDA says nothing about protecting the patient from exposure to
> mercury vapor while removing mercury fillings using safe protocols
> those developed by the International Academy of {*filter*}Medicine where
> dentist has very strict procedures in place before removing a mercury
> filling. It doesn't warn them NOT to remove mercury fillings or
> place mercury fillings in a pregnant woman.

> The ADA is very happy about this FDA ruling and says it is best left
> to the patient and his local dentist. Well, that is what has been
> on all over the country for years...ssss. People believe their locals
> dentists who studied Brainwashing 101 in dental school, and have not
> aclue as to how mercury fillings should be removed safely from the
> patient's mouth. And in the 101 Class, the number one rule dentists
> learned was to keep their mouths shut, their brains in la-la land,
> never question the authority of their state's dental board, dental
> association, or the ADA.

> That is what happened to my neighbor four months ago. He called me to
> say his Vinton dentist had poisoned him with mercury while he did some
> dental work on him and now he is very sick. He called to complain on
> very day, the very day the FDA spun their spider web of lies about
> amalgam's safety. July 28, 2009

> Let's use our imagination. Let's see if these warnings from the
> FDA (Fool and Dummy's Association) concerning arsenic would seem
> logical or ridiculous.

> FDA Warnings about arsenic in dental fillings and in your environment:

> We are classifying arsenic in dental fillings and arsenic in your
> environment as a Class II substance. "Some people may be allergic to
> arsenic, but a little arsenic is really not that big of a deal.

> You can eat a little every day, but you will be okay.

> If it vaporizes off your fillings when you eat, it is not enough to
> really hurt you.

> Let your kids enjoy themselves outdoors playing on the arsenic coated
> playground equipment every day, and if they{*filter*} their fingers and rub
> their fingers in their eyes, they may have a few allergic bumps on
> bodies, but this is no big problem. They are just called arsenic

> We are the FDA, one of your most trusted regulatory government
> We are scientists and we have looked at all the scientific literature
> arsenic and we can't find any scientific evidence at all about
> arsenic that would really be of any concern.

> But if you are allergic to arsenic, then stay away from it. We really
> don't know who will be allergic, but you will find out when you mess
> with it.

> Signed,

> Dr. Do Do Little

> Your wonderful friends at the FDA

> We are here to please and protect.

> Marie Flowers

> DAMS Coordinator in {*filter*}ia

> Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions

> www.MercuryPoisoned.com < http://www.***.com/ ;

> For an in depth report of the FDA hearing on mercury dental fillings
> their relationship to neurological diseases see


Its a matter of Scientific record that amalgams are the largest source
of mercury in people who have several amalgam fillings: www.flcv.com/damspr1.html
Its also a matter of record that dentists who work with amalgam have
much higher mercury exposure and body levels than the general
population. They are occupationally exposed to mercury and commonly
have neurological, immune, and reproductive effects of the exposure:

Wed, 25 Jan 2012 08:36:22 GMT
 FDA and Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings


>The judge ruled that the FDA must follow the law and classify the
>fillings and she told them to decide on a date during negotiations. So
>reluctantly the FDA promised to actually classify the amalgam fillings
>in one year. The Judge said the FDA was not to drag their feet for
>another 32 years."

Yes, that is very funny. The trick of the naturpathic mafia is to take thing
which are true and mix their truckload of mess with these true things so to
cover them up.

Amalgam is a merial which can do harm. But, still, one must not believe the
naturopathic mafia!

The only way to really find out the true facts is by applying scientific
research and - as a consequence - by scientific medicine.

The catch is, that the naturopathic mafia fights dental amalgam, but itself uses
mercury, the extremely toxic metal, in its "medicaments", may it be in
homopathic arzneimittel or in ayurvedic "medicine".

                               Der F lscher


Wed, 25 Jan 2012 10:07:09 GMT
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