The Beginning of th End of Amalgams in the US 
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 The Beginning of th End of Amalgams in the US


The Beginning of the End for Amalgams in the US
Dentists are suing state regulators over what they feel is a{*filter*}order
preventing them from discussing with patients the potential health risks of
silver amalgam fillings.

The concern is these fillings, which are about half mercury, can cause a number
of health problems when mercury vapors from the filling seep into the body.

Mercury exposure can contribute to:




Mercury vapor released from chewing and corrosion may account for 75% of a
person's daily mercury exposure.

The law suite, filed by five dentists and seven patients, claims that dental
regulators use control of dental licenses to punish or threaten dentists who
oppose mercury amalgam. They hope to stop licensing boards form enforcing any
policy that prevents, limits or intimidates dentists from discussing the
potential dangers of mercury fillings with patients.

Since silver amalgam is the cheapest form of filling the dental establishment
claims some dentists are using the controversy to encourage patients to remove
mercury fillings and replace them with more expensive materials.

The ADA sill claims mercury is safe once mixed with other metals and set in
teeth, however they do warn dentists about the potential hazards of mercury
vapor when they handle the material.

The Wall Street Journal May 10, 2001 Page B1



I went to Washington D.C. a few weeks ago to participate in a National Press
Conference. I was a bit disappointed in the turn out, however, it does appear
that this article in the Wall Street Journal is a direct result of the press

Eventually the truth will come out and it will likely be as a result of legal
actions. The unfortunate problem is that if mercury is finally recognized as
the true toxic poison that it is, there will be trillions, not billions, of
dollars of damages that the dental profession will be liable for.

This will make the tobacco litigation look like small potatoes.

It will be interesting to see this develop, but in the meantime, please refrain
from using any dentist who currently puts amalgam fillings in your mouth. If
they are still doing that, they are clueless about the dangers of mercury.

Eventually the mercury will cause serious neurtoxicity in your dentist and
limit their ability to provide the type of care that you will need.

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