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 Mike's problem

1. Call your insurance carrier immediately.
2. Check all documentation and make sure it is complete.

I would not discuss anything until you have done 1. and 2. above. It could
come back to haunt you. Like an auto accident, if you ask "Are you okay? I
am sorry."

That can be used against you.




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Subject: I'm being sued............
Date: 21 Apr 2001 19:26:53 GMT
Organization: AOL http://www.***.com/

Remember my post about a month ago about the endo that I was doing that
a hematoma ?

I'm being sued for it.

What do I do now ?  Who else has been sued ?  What did you do and how did it
turn out ?

I still stick to my guns in saying that I didn't do anything wrong, although
had instrumented the apex to size 50.  Subsequent to the discussion on this
newgroup, I have changed my technique, (thanks largely to Steve) and now do
go above a 25 at the apex, and have also changed my irrigation technique.

The lady had to go into the hospital 2 days ago to have an I&D.  It was an
outpatient procedure.  I called her a few minutes ago to see how she is
and she was very short with me.  The call lasted less than a minute.

Obviously, I feel terrible about what happened to her, but I still believe
this was a "fluke", and it happened through no fault of my own.  I'm sure
some on this newsgroup will dress me down for this, but I didn't do anything
different on this endo than I had done on the hundreds (if not thousands) of
endos that I have done in the past.

Any consolation or advice from any other dentists will be greatly
I'm relatively distraught over this, even considering getting out of
altogether.  I know that is my emotions talking, but is it really worth it
continue ?

Thanks in advance,

Dr. Mike
Dr. Mike

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