Mercury Amalgam Fillings/Alternatives 
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 Mercury Amalgam Fillings/Alternatives

Hi all... I am researching the effects of mercury amalgam filling
on human health (immunological, neurological, and other toxicological
effects).  Can anyone lead me toward good sources via the InterNet for
information on these subjects.

Also, I am looking into alternatives to Amalgam fillings, (epoxies,
plastics, etc,) and what known health effects they have, and how
that stack up to Amalgam fillings in terms of strength, typical
length of time before replacement, etc.  Any info on these two
subjects would be of interest to me.

I can best be reached via my E-Mail address (above), as I do not
regularly read this public area.  Also, if you wish to protect
your identity, I will respect that via E-Mail.

Thank you.


Tue, 21 May 1996 18:15:21 GMT
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