OFF TOPIC: Trying a Jan Drew-style post ........ 
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 OFF TOPIC: Trying a Jan Drew-style post ........

<head><title>People and Groups in the SCA</title><base href=" http://www.***.com/ ;><meta content="SCA people, SCA
groups, SCA directory, SCA yellow pages"></head><body background="./images/velum.gif" bgcolor="ffffd5" text="000000" link="#0000dd"
vlink="#dd0000"><h1>People and Groups in the SCA <img alt="arms of the SCA" align=right src="./images/sca.gif"> </h1><P> <b><i>New
to the SCA?</i></b>  Visit the following:<menu><UL><LI><FONT COLOR="#C000C0">(Bad link?) </FONT><a
href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Map of the Known World</a>
and <a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">another</a>
<LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Map of Ealdormere</a>
<LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ " target="_blank">The HUNT</a>
 - An SCA Search Engine <LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">The
Guiding Hand</a>
 - a new member's guide from Ansteorra <LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Medieval
{*filter*} Site</a>
<LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">SCA Inc. official page</a>
<LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">A Directory of Households</a>
</UL></menu><p> <hr>To <B>add or correct</B> a web page in this list, use my <a href="update" target="_blank"> update web
thingie</a>-- and don't forget to tell me where in the known world you are, lest I be forced to guess.  Please, URLs only; use the
Rolls Ethereal for email addresses (see below) unless you explicitly want to be the email contact for your local group.  Updates
might be near-instantaneous or might take a couple days!  I don't acknowledge submissions but if you give me your email address in
the submission form I'll be able to reach you if something seems wrong.<p>Unofficial lists of all SCA groups with physical locations
are maintained by <a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~lindahl/places.html">Gregory Blount</a>; please look there if you're trying to find a
group near you.  A list of many hundreds of SCA people with email addresses can be found in the <A
href=" http://www.***.com/ ;>Rolls Ethereal</A> or at <a href=" http://www.***.com/ "> - The SCA People
Finder</a><P>Do you need space to setup web pages for your shire/canton/barony/etc?  Then goto <a
href=" http://www.***.com/ ;>my account web page</a> to get more info.<p><p><hr>Note: This page isn't official
in any way, just useful.  I'll list any SCA group that wants to be listed -- recognized groups, households, guilds, whatever.<P>The
following listing is alphabetical by kingdom, followed by inter-kingdom households and related organizations that don't easily fit
the kingdom classification, followed by merchants and people whose SCA affiliations I don't know.<p>If a link was found to be bad,
then it is identified with: <FONT COLOR="#C000C0">Bad link</FONT> preceeding the link.<BR>If a link is bad 3 weeks in a row then the
link is removed and replaced with:<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">BAD LINK (Buffy's Canton upon Avon)</FONT><P><b>Quick Index:</b><a
href="#AEthelmearc">?thelmearc</a> <b>*</b><a href="#Ansteorra">Ansteorra</a> <b>*</b><a href="#An Tir">An Tir</a> <b>*</b><a
href="#Artemisia">Artemisia</a> <b>*</b><a href="#Atenveldt">Atenveldt</a> <b>*</b><a href="#Atlantia">Atlantia</a> <b>*</b><a
href="#Caid">Caid</a> <b>*</b><a href="#Calontir">Calontir</a> <b>*</b><a href="#Drachenwald">Drachenwald</a> <b>*</b><a
href="#Ealdormere">Ealdormere</a> <b>*</b><a href="#East">East</a> <b>*</b><a href="#Meridies">Meridies</a> <b>*</b><a
href="#Midrealm">Midrealm</a> <b>*</b><a href="#Outlands">Outlands</a> <b>*</b><a href="#Trimaris">Trimaris</a> <b>*</b><a
href="#West">West</a> <b>*</b><a href="#Inter-Kingdom">Inter-Kingdom Groups</a> <b>*</b><a href="#merchants">Merchants</a>
<b>*</b><a href="#lost-sheep">Lost Sheep</a><hr><H2><a name="AEthelmearc">
<a href=" http://www.***.com/ " target="_blank">?thelmearc</a>
(<I>WV, western/central PA, western NY</I>)<img alt="arms of AEthelmearc" align=right src="./images/aethelmearc.gif">
<UL><LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ %7Ejules/SCA/Brewers_Guild.html" target="_blank">Brewer's Guild</a>
<UL><LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~caleb/scum.htm" target="_blank">Scum: Newsletter of the Brewer's Guild</a>
</UL><LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~salley/heralds.html" target="_blank">College of Heralds</a>
<LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Company of St. Anne</a>
An Interkingdom  Mounted Military Tournament Company <LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Shire of Abhainn
Ciach Ghlais</a>
(<I>central PA - Clinton, Lycoming, Northumberland Snyder Tioga, Union Counties, PA</I>)<LI><a
href=" http://www.***.com/ " target="_blank">Barony of Blackstone Mountain</a>
(<I>south-central, WV</I>)<LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Shire of Coppertree</a>
(<I>Utica, NY</I>)<UL><LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Casa del Cavallo</a>
</UL><LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ " target="_blank">Barony of Endles Hills</a>
(<I>Northeast, PA</I>)<LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~BMDL/" target="_blank">Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands</a>
(<I>Southwestern, PA</I>)<UL><LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~alaric/alaric.html" target="_blank">Alaric MacConnal</a>
<a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~alaric/index.html" target="_blank">Robert Smith</a>
<LI>Anna Malakina <FONT COLOR="#C000C0">(Bad link?) </FONT><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~amergina/sca/anna.html"
target="_blank">Ann Kopchik - Seneschal</a>
<LI><FONT COLOR="#C000C0">(Bad link?) </FONT><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~borek/armour" target="_blank">Armourers of the Debatable
<LI>Arslan ibn Da'ud <a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~svoboda/" target="_blank">David Svoboda</a>
<LI>Danulf Donaldson <a href=" http://www.***.com/ " target="_blank">Dana Groff</a>
<a href=" http://www.***.com/ " target="_blank"></a>
<LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~ellisif/ellisif.html" target="_blank">Ellisif Flakkari</a>
 or  <a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~cellio" target="_blank">Monica Cellio</a>
(<I>, and </I>)<a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~cellio/otm.html" target="_blank">Ensemble Rigodon</a>
<LI>Gaston <FONT COLOR="#C000C0">(Bad link?) </FONT><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~ddj/" target="_blank">Doug DeJulio</a>
<LI>Guilietta da Venezia Diana Slivinska (herald ?) <LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ;
target="_blank">John the Artificer</a>
John Rose <LI>Magnus an Cnoc an Iora <a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~welling/" target="_blank">Joel Welling</a>
<LI>Margaret MacDubhshithe <a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~grm" target="_blank">Gretchen Beck (?thelmearc
<LI>Nils von der Eichenbergen <a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~nh0g/nils.html" target="_blank">Nils Hammer</a>
<LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Tofi Kerthjalfadsson</a>
<FONT COLOR="#C000C0">(Bad link?) </FONT><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ;
target="_blank">Paul Placeway</a>
(<I>brewing guild, steward</I>)<LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Debatable
<LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~sca/" target="_blank">College of Cour d'Or</a>
(<I>Pittsburgh universities, PA</I>)<UL><LI>Andrei Griegovich Topalev <FONT COLOR="#C000C0">(Bad link?) </FONT><a
href=" http://www.***.com/ ~gatst2/" target="_blank">Greg Topalev</a>
<LI>Belfore <FONT COLOR="#C000C0">(Bad link?) </FONT><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ;
target="_blank">Kevin Cooney</a>
<LI><FONT COLOR="#C000C0">(Bad link?) </FONT><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~eflst4/diMonreale.html" target="_blank">Edmundo di
<a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~eflst4/home_page.html" target="_blank">Edmund LoPresti</a>
<LI>Filip of the Marche <FONT COLOR="#C000C0">(Bad link?) </FONT><a
href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Philip Cutone</a>
<LI><FONT COLOR="#C000C0">(Bad link?) </FONT><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~creative" target="_blank">Four Towers College</a>
University of Pittsburgh <LI>Fynn Ahearn <FONT COLOR="#C000C0">(Bad link?) </FONT><a
href=" http://www.***.com/ ~scier/scier.html" target="_blank">Sean Cier</a>
<LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~djl/sca.html" target="_blank">Magariki Katsuichi no Koredono</a>
<a href=" http://www.***.com/ ~djl/home.html" target="_blank">Don Luby</a>
<LI>Micheal Armour of Cillmhor <FONT COLOR="#C000C0">(Bad link?) </FONT><a
href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Michael Sherman</a>
</UL><LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Clan MacAdder</a>
<UL><LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Giovanni Daino di Giacomettino</a>
Garth Schafer <LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank"> mundane web page</a>
</UL><LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Canton of Steltonwald</a>
(<I>Beaver area, PA</I>)</UL><LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Barony of Delftwood</a>
(<I>Syracuse, NY</I>)<UL><LI>Caitlen Ruadh <FONT COLOR="#C000C0">(Bad link?) </FONT><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ;
target="_blank">Becki Tants</a>
<LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">HUS FAERHAGA</a>
</UL><LI>Dutchy of Ermine Cross <UL><LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ " target="_blank">TygersGuard</a>
</UL><LI>House of the Golden Rose <UL><LI><a href=" http://www.***.com/ ; target="_blank">Lord Robin of the
</UL><LI><a ...

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Tue, 12 Jul 2005 21:32:17 GMT
 OFF TOPIC: Trying a Jan Drew-style post ........

Tue, 12 Jul 2005 21:45:30 GMT
 OFF TOPIC: Trying a Jan Drew-style post ........


> Liar


Tue, 12 Jul 2005 21:38:07 GMT
 OFF TOPIC: Trying a Jan Drew-style post ........


> > Liar


Its a pithy ........


Tue, 12 Jul 2005 21:41:17 GMT
 OFF TOPIC: Trying a Jan Drew-style post ........

After skipping over the insults, I agree.



> Liar

Wed, 13 Jul 2005 01:57:32 GMT
 OFF TOPIC: Trying a Jan Drew-style post ........
No, it's DENAIL!!!!!!!


> > Liar


Wed, 13 Jul 2005 06:54:06 GMT
 OFF TOPIC: Trying a Jan Drew-style post ........


> No, it's DENAIL!!!!!!!

OUCH!!! DE NAIL hurts ......

> > > Liar


Wed, 13 Jul 2005 09:21:13 GMT
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