Fear and loathing .... 
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 Fear and loathing ....

Saw reference to this in print ... I disagree.


 Self-Report Measures of Dental Fear: Gender Differences
M. Michelle Rowe, PhD;
Tracey A. Moore, RDH, MS
Objective: Differences in dental fear between men and women were examined,
and effective methods to reduce dental fear identified. Methods: Two hundred
fifty subjects (n=125 women; n=125 men) completed the Dental Fear Assessment
Scale which measures origins of fear and effective fear-reduction methods.
Results: Men were more fearful of dentistry than women. Most effective
methods of reducing fear included a friendly dental team, and the chance to
ask questions and interrupt the dentist when uncomfortable. Conclusion:
Enhanced awareness and sensitivity toward the 45 million people who suffer
from dental fear should reduce the number of patients who fail to seek
treatment and are in danger of loosing teeth. Am J Health Behav

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