Good Tooth, Bad Bone 
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 Good Tooth, Bad Bone


> Hi there, folks!
> My husband has a fine looking tooth that is slowly
> falling out. His dentist said that the tooth is healthy but
> there is no bone holding it in place. He (the dentist) said
> he has no idea what could be causing the bone around the
> tooth to disintegrate. Xrays show the absence of any bone.
> The surrounding teeth are fine as well.
> The plan is to yank the tooth out but maybe something
> else is going on?
> Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?
> Any tests that should be done to find out what's wrong?


Or ........ Your teeth are fine but the gums have to go ....... I bet
the dude has bad perio disease ... just a hunch here.........

"fine looking tooth ......."

Oh. Sorry. Maybe a premature contact with the occlusion coupled with a
grinding or clenching habit. Ignore the periodontal disease part ... I
changed my mind.

(An object lesson about why dentists should not talk too much).

Fri, 25 Feb 2005 05:29:37 GMT
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