HELP: Info &DDS needed for Veneers ASAP! 
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 HELP: Info &DDS needed for Veneers ASAP!

My front teeth are nice and straight with a couple of small (according to
Mom unnoticeable) gaps. The orthodentist has suggested against braces.
The only other option to remove the gaps is to do veneers which are
intrusive since part of my teeth are scrubbed down and that are very
Wanted to know if:
1) Are veneers safe? Are there any chemical in them potential of being
dangerous to health that 10 years from now we'll discover it'l cause
2) How long do they last? Would I be jeoperdizing the health of my own
front teeth? How difficult is it to re-veneer?
3) What are the risks? I am not unhappy with my teeth now, just think
they'll be more beautiful with the gaps removed and could alter the shape
slightly too.
4) Are there good dentists in Connecticut, NYC, or LA that are the
absolute experts that have done actors, models, and celebrities' teeth
that I should consider going to?
Thanks a lot,

Sun, 02 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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