Power 4 Life, pt 28 (The Power of One) 
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 Power 4 Life, pt 28 (The Power of One)

> Sunday's devotion (since I may not be online) from Power 4 Life for
> ministry and discussion...

> The Power of One

> Philippians 4:13 - NCV
> "I can do all things through Christ, because he gives me
> strength."

> The concept of "the power of one" has been talked about
> a lot in many circles, lately. It refers to the great change one
> life can make in the world, and it's always greater than what
> would have been expected. This underestimation of oneself
> is common in the church, as well.

> Now, I don't want you to misunderstand the need for
> unity. We are collectively the body of Christ, and we do
> need to be among the other body members, but, when we
> have the Spirit of God within us, we are dynamite.

> Consider some scripture examples of what God can do
> through one willing heart. Moses called down the plagues
> on Egypt (Exodus 4:21) and split the Red Sea (Exodus
> 14:21). Elijah kept it from raining for 3 whole years by a
> prayer (James 5:17-18). Daniel overcame a lions' den and
> changed a nation (Daniel 6:25-27). David took on a Giant (1
> Samuel 17:50-51), and with God's help, rose from being a
> shepherd to being a king.

> Some New Testament examples include Jesus' great
> number of miracles and such (Acts 2:22), Peter and John's
> miracles (Acts 5:12, 15-16), and Paul's miracles (Acts
> 14:8-10). Further, God said that believers in Him could do
> the works that He did on earth and more (John 14:12). He,
> also, said in Mark 16:17-18, "And these signs shall follow
> them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they
> shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents;
> and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they
> shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."

> It shouldn't surprise us that the one who holds all of our
> days would have empowered us to meet the challenges we
> would face in them. We are not inviting Him into "our" days.
> We are living in "His" days. Should it be unusual, then, that
> God would gift and empower each one of us with the needed
> ability to match the obstacles we will face?

> If we are born into a world of sickness, we can expect
> supernatural healing. If we are born into a world of injustice
> and crime, we can expect God to empower present-day
> Samsons to meet that need. Are you one of them? Have
> you asked Him what He has empowered you to do?

> God doesn't need an army to do great things. He is a
> great God and can do great things through one willing and
> obedient heart. What great things has God prepared, in your
> life, for you to do?

> A Word in Season
> "God is my strong salvation: What foe have I to fear? In
> darkness and temptation, My light, my help, is near. Though
> hosts encamp around me, Firm in the fight I stand; What
> terror can confound me, With God at my right hand?" -
> James Montgomery's hymn, "God Is My Strong Salvation,"
> vs 1.

> Confession
> I believe that God can do wonders through one willing
> heart. I believe that I am not limited by my strength or ability,
> when I operate in the power and ability of God. I believe
> God will empower me to face and overcome any obstacle in
> my future.

> God Bless

> Kenny Clifton
> -author of the Red Letter Stories
> http://www.***.com/

Amen and amen !

May GOD continue to bless the writing and discussing of HIS Word in
these USENET newsgroups in Jesus' most precious and holy name.

Amen ! ! !

Will be available to "glow" and chat about this and other things like
cardiology, diabetes, Bird Flu, the 2006 global earthquake advisory for
03/29/06, cooking and nutrition that interest those following this
thread here during the next on-line chat (03/23/06) from 6 to 7 pm EST:


For those who are put off by the signature, my advance apologies for
how the LORD has reshaped me:


Prayerfully in Christ's love,


Fri, 05 Sep 2008 11:03:24 GMT
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