Sub clinical Cushing's syndrome 
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 Sub clinical Cushing's syndrome

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> http://www.***.com/ #Treatment

> "What populations are most likely to have subclinical Cushing's syndrome?
> One might look for SCS in two main patient populations with the
> expectation that making this diagnosis would lead to a beneficial
> therapeutic intervention: 1) patients with an incidentally discovered
> tumor that may inappropriately secrete cortisol (adrenal gland) or ACTH
> (pituitary gland). Usually these lesions are called incidentalomas. 2)
> patients that display non-specific pathologies that may be secondary to
> hypercortisolism such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis
> etc.."

> Susan

says "10-15 million a year", but it doesn't say if this is US or

http://www.***.com/ 's_syndrome
"Incidence of causes of Cushing's syndrome per million person-years:

    * Cushing's disease: 10
    * Primary adrenal: 3
    * Ectopic ACTH: 1.4"



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