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 * Free lap dance plus 300 dollars free money

_not only encouraging
    {*filter*}ery but paying for it with the money of the State_. Well, I
    stopped that, of course.... At the head of the Registrar General's
    Department in Hong Kong, we appoint an officer, as we believe, of
    the highest character. One of the gentlemen so employed puts on a
    false beard and moustache, he takes marked money in his waistcoat
    pocket, and proceeds to the back lanes of the Colony, knocks at
    various doors, and, at length, gains admission to a house. He
    addresses the woman who opens the door and tells her he wants a
    Chinese girl. There is an argument as to the price, and he agrees
    to give four dollars. He is shown up to the room, and gives her
    the money. What I am now telling you is the gentleman's own
    evidence. He records how he flung up the window and put out his
    head and whistled. The police whom he had in attendance in the
    street, broke open the door and arrested the girl. She is brought
    up the next day to be tried for the offence; but, before whom?
    Before the Acting

Mon, 12 Jul 2010 09:14:44 GMT
 * Free lap dance plus 300 dollars free money
the rescue of slaves are kept at a
distance, and no one who is likely to make a complaint against abuses
and law-breaking can approach the place without permission from
the police, which gives ample opportunity for getting everything
objectionable out of sight. As far as prevention of the commingling
of the different races is concerned, that may be hindered at certain
points, but American men are on the inside track here, as to making
money through these slaves. The building has been erected and is
owned by Americans, and one man of European name is a partner in the
immediate management of the place. On our first visit to this building
we were informed on reliable information that there were 125 Japanese
and over 50 Chinese girls in the place, and 100 more were expected to
arrive within a few days. Besides these, there are also Chinese slaves
in almost every Chinese settlement throughout the United States. In
California, they are to be found largely at San Francisco, Oakland,
Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno, Bakersfield, San Jose, Watsonville,
Monterey and Los Angeles. Willing or unwilling, the Chinese {*filter*}
is none the less a slave, bought and sold at pleasure from one to
another, earning wealth for others and never for herself. Recently,
three girls who were taken from a den in San Francisco, declared that
they had been sold for three thousand dollars apiece to the keeper,
and that they were flogged when their earnings for the keeper fell
below three hundred dollars each a month. If the {*filter*} were not
willing to be a slave, that would not procure her liberty,--it would
only procure her more abuse than the willing slave. On the ship
coming over, the slaves are well drilled in their task on arrival, of
swearing themselves into slavery, and well threatened if they dare
to disobey. Then they are packed with stories as to the terrible
character of Americans, particularly the rescue workers.

Mon, 12 Jul 2010 08:50:48 GMT
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