The Miraculous Retroactive Intercessory Salvation Plan. 
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 The Miraculous Retroactive Intercessory Salvation Plan.

Did you know that if you pray for someone's Salvation in 2011 it will
lead to them being Born Again decades ago?! That's what a notable PhD

 > There is joy in knowing that GOD has Forgiven you :-)
 > > That happened back in 1978 :-)
 > Possibly in answer to intercessory prayers made on your behalf in
 > 2011 :-)
http://www.***.com/ )

I became born again in August 1978, and Mr. Chung is attempting to take
credit for that because of his supposed intercession 32 years after the
fact. Mr. Chung's ego knows no boundaries...

Sat, 28 Sep 2013 19:36:28 GMT
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