PhD student (Artificial Intelligence) needs help from clinician 
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 PhD student (Artificial Intelligence) needs help from clinician


I am studying the use of context information by clinicians during diagnosis
and selection of treatment method.
The typical context elements I consider are age, sex, habits, occupation,
recent surgeries, nutrition condirions, allergies, medicament in use, etc.
Another part of context is related to the internal state of the clinician
(among others, goal, predictions, mood, time, etc.)
The implementation will be limited to few cardiological diseases. Infective
endocarditis is one of these.

Now, I need another disease similar (at least one) findindgs (symptom/sign
etc) with infective endocarditis.
Can anybody help me finding diseases that may be in the same differential
with IE? (the disease and what findings can be common to both IE and that

Any response wil be appreciated.
Please e-mail me at:


Sun, 21 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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