Wanted: Dr. M. Debakey article list 
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 Wanted: Dr. M. Debakey article list

Dr. Micheal Debaky perfomed open heart surgery on my as an infant (3 mo)
in 1963 (San Antonio, TX).  My parents tell me that he (et al) published
an article about the surgery (ligation of a patent ductus - I was born
with a hole in my heart which was repaired later). Just out of curiousity,
I would like to see the article.  Unfortunately, the local libraries are
confusing to me when it comes to searching medical articles (dammit Jim,
I'm an engineer, not a librarian).  Any help would be appreciated.  I
suspect the article would have been published somewhere between August'63
to Sep'64.

thanks in advance,

PS,  Thank you Dr. Debakey... :^)

Tue, 21 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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