Metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance preceeds belly fat 
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 Metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance preceeds belly fat

The truth will prevail in spite of, Our good friend from atlanta
offering an opinion while sputtering and spitting in the face of the
original article:

"Actually, this study shows that VAT occurs first because all their
volunteers, including "normals," have detectable VAT.  Moreover, the
trend was less VAT being associated with more insulin sensitivity."

Actually, all people have vat, it is an energy storage device and when
within normal ranges produces such things as Adiponectin which is used
in energy metabolism, to mention but one error in the above.  In a
situation similar to his own he offered the view:

"Multiple fundamental errors in explaining biochemistry and physiology
sadly discredit the speaker in any setting."

How true, how true.  Which is the specific reason the two pound diet and
all the trash science invented to rationalize it discretit its author.

He does not keep up with the science related to the topic, he distorts
accepted science in pursuit of a non-science agenda, he has science
blinders regarding accepted research which refutes in detail and in
whole his agenda, he can not respond to research directly provided him
which shows his agenda is clearly trivial and not worthy of even a
biology 101 student..

One can with ease of mind ignore any opinion he offers in this area for
the exact charge he makes above, he is self condemning and the truth is
not in his agenda.

God bless.

Sat, 09 Jan 2010 02:25:20 GMT
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