Hindu religious rituals increase the possibility for the spread of H5N1 
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 Hindu religious rituals increase the possibility for the spread of H5N1

"Balinese Hindu religious rituals require a large number of
sacrificial animals for offerings, mainly chickens and ducks. The
community prepares the offerings collectively, meaning the sacrificial
animals are often slaughtered at the same time and placed by people
who wear no protective gear. After the slaughter, the carcasses of the
animals are cleansed in rivers or gutters, which are also used by
residents to bath in or as a source of drinking water. All these
practices increase the possibility for the spread of the H5N1 virus,
the study concluded."



What we are teaching to prepare folks for the eventuality of a
catastrophic Pan-Flu:


How to not be fearful:


May dear neighbors, friends, and brethren have a blessedly wonderful
2009th year since the birth of our LORD Jesus Christ as our Messiah,
the Son of Man ...

... by being hungrier:


Hunger is wonderful ! ! !

It's how we know the answer to the question "What does Jesus
want?" (WDJW):


Yes, hunger is our knowledge of good versus evil that Adam and Eve
paid for with their and our immortal lives:


"Blessed are you who hunger NOW...

... for you will be satisfied." -- LORD Jesus Christ (Luke 6:21)


Here is a Spirit-guided exegesis of Luke 6:21 given in hopes of
promoting much greater understanding:


Trust the truth, Who is Jesus (T3WIJ):


Be hungrier, which is truly healthier:


Marana tha

Prayerfully in the awesome name of our Messiah, LORD Jesus Christ,

Andrew <><
"... no one can say 'Jesus is LORD' except by the Holy Spirit." (1 Cor


What does Jesus want (WDJW) ?


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