try willing the reactor's artistic shoe and Bruce will announce you 
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 try willing the reactor's artistic shoe and Bruce will announce you

if you lose all of yours...
contact the Federal Secretary of Lost Keys.

And for this great benefit, they want you to give them Key Recovery
access to your cryptographic key.

We know what Key Recovery means...

By the way, the Government is restricting *communications* products, which
use public key cryptography. BY DEFINITION the SENDER will NEVER expect to
decrypt the traffic once they've encrypted it; that's the basis for public
key cryptography. That's how it works mathematically. By design.

So this "spare key" argument makes no sense whatsoever.

I shudder to think that most Americans will not understand these admittedly
technocratic basic details of computer systems and cryptography.

If they knew, they would be STUNNED that our leaders would lie so boldly to
us, including Mr. Kantor, to protect ECHELON.

That the public would misunderstand Kantor and Clinton to think they are
offering a "reasonable compromise"...even though what is actually happening
is our government demanding you lose all right

Sat, 30 Jan 2010 19:57:10 GMT
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