Curing an Irregular Heart Beat 
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 Curing an Irregular Heart Beat

I have had PAC's for about 2 years now (no heart disease present.  I've
been thoroughly checked out).  I notice that when I exercise on a regular
basis that the frequency of them during the day has diminished over the
last few months, but they have not been totally eliminated.  I used to
get them even when I was having a conversation, now I can at least talk
and not get them.  I have taken calcium & magnesium supplements, but that
hasn't really made any difference.  The main thing that has reduced them
has been exercise and stress management.

My question is to those who are cardiologists or have experienced these
things is this, "If they are diminishing (slowly at this point) will they
generally continue to diminish over the long run?"  It would be nice to
get back to a somewhat normal existance.  A few people I have had contact
with said that exercise almost eliminated them altogether.

Also I know there has in the past been postings about this.  I tried
looking in the archives for this, but couldn't muster them up.  I don't
want to revisit and old subject, so if you simply want to tell me how to
get into the archives to get this info. it would be appreciated.



Thu, 26 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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