I love my new 2008 Accord EX-L! 
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 I love my new 2008 Accord EX-L!

between the thought and the deed.
     There  were also  memories of another kind. They stood out in his mind
disconnectedly, like pictures with blackness all round them.
     He  was in a  cell which might have been either dark or light, because
he  could  see nothing  except a  pair of eyes.  Near at  hand some kind of
instrument  was ticking slowly and regularly. The eyes grew larger and more
luminous. Suddenly he floated out of his seat, dived into the eyes, and was
swallowed up.
     He  was strapped  into a  chair  surrounded by  dials, under  dazzling
lights.  A man in  a white coat was reading the dials. There was a {*filter*} of
heavy boots outside. The door clanged open. The waxed-faced officer marched
in, followed by two guards.
     'Room 101,' said the officer.
     The  man  in the  white coat  did not turn  round. He  did not look at
Winston either; he was looking only at the dials.
     He  was rolling  down a  mighty corridor,  a kilometre  wide, full  of
glorious,  golden light, roaring with laughter and shouting out confessions
at  the top of  his voice. He was confessing everything, even the things he
had succeeded in holding back under the torture. He was relating the entire
history  of his life  to an audience who knew it already.

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