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 For MEM,MD and others

Just a funny warning here about Zee's behavior.
She cross posted a single post in the middle of the thread Efficacy and
Safety of statins above to as follows.

Someone gave this woman my e-mail

> > address  and I just received her query. What would you suggest I say to
> > her? Obviously, she doens't wan to hear, "ask your doctor". And to
> > respond that way woudl be an insult. So, imagine she's in your inbox as
> > she is in mine, waiting for an answer. I can't keep her on "draft"
> > forever. What would you say? She's desperate, been crying.

> > "My husband passed out cold last Thursday evening after taking lipitor
> > for 4 days.  He has never passed out.  In the ED he was experiencing
> > atrial fibrillation for a few hours, then his heart rhythem normalized.
> >  The ED doctor and the neurologist thought he may have experienced
> > vasovagal from drinking cold water.  He had numerous cardiac and
> > neurological tests, all negative.  His heart is strong and healthy.  No
> > evidence of seizure.  Next week he is going to an electrophysiologist
> > at University of Chicago.  He's taking coreg (beta blocker) and plavix
> > for a month to prevent {*filter*} clots from the atrial fibrillation. We
> > appreciate your sharing any experiences that you know about with regard
> > to lipitor."
> That would be an insult to tell her to see a doctor?

> You don't want to insult her so play the role of the doctor Zee. We all
> make sacrifices in life and she admires you so much and you must get
> hundreds of e-mails. You can do it as no one here knows more about
> then any doctor out here.

> Does statins give one megalomania? Is that on the list Zee?

> You must find it very difficult to tell her to seek some counseling and
> professional help when she is depending on you.
> What a burden. I would say that you both need help.

Why do you say that Robert? Of course, she and her husband have seen a
doctor. She says right in the post I made that they have. Now she wants
to know if others have had atrial fibrillation after taking statins,
and if there is possibly a connection. {And yes, heart arythmia is
listed on the Lipitor PI). Possibly, she also just wants reassurance
that she is not going to lose her husband.

What should I tell her Robert?

(So then I responded this way.)

As I mentioned, she needs professional help, clergy, counselors, doctors and
family. She doesn't need someone sitting on her e-mails thinking about what
to say or do. She does not know you and you are not a personal friend as far
as I know.
She is in crisis and needs crisis interventional counseling which you can
not provide. You are not there and you don't have any training in that as
far as I know.

I would also suggest you seek help for yourself in which you insist on
giving out medical advice which is why this lady contacted you in the first
place. You can't tell her if any drug caused that or if her husband is going
to die or not. They are making medical evaluations and decisions that they
will have to make. If the ER doctor or the neurologist need your help then
give them your phone number or contact them.

This is also off topic for for which you cross posted as
a way of trolling.

I can't make it any more clearer than that.

(Then the following reply)

> I'm not qualified to give out medical advice like you do Robert.

> I'm just a journalist who has done a lot of interviewing and research.
> Not qualified to give out medical advice like you do. So, I'll give
> this woman a link to the Lipitor product monograph, where yes, it does
> say heart irregularities may be associated with Lipitor.

> I'll tell her statin use caused me rhabdomyolysis, permanent vision
> damage, memory loss, transient global amnesia, pancreatitis, gall
> bladder disease, helicobactor pylori ulcer, muscle and joint pain ... .

> But no AFIB.

(John responded)

Most of the people on this newsgroup are not qualified to give out
medical advice either. We can tell you a lot about lab testing for
things like cholesterol etc. You need to ask these questions to a
pharmacologist or a cardiac physician.

John Gentile
Rhode Island Apple Group

(All of the above posts are cross posted to three NG's.)

(This single reply was posted by Zee to Sci.Med.Lab only and Cardiology was
left out as she didn't want you guys here see it.)

Robert gives medical advice on sci newsgroups so he must be one of those
qualified to do so. I'm sure he wouldn't do it if he wasn't qualified to do

The woman who's post I copied here, who had e-mailed me for info, indicated
her husband had already seen the appropriate professionals. She just wanted
to know what others' experiences of statin adverse effects were. I told her
what side effects I'd had and gave her the link for the Lipitor product

May I have the link to your Rhode Island Apple Group newsletter; or...
I love apples. They're my favourite fruit, and my favourite apple is a
russet which I rarely see in Western Canada. But tonight I tasted my first
Honeycrisp. It was very nice. Very crisp, but light, unlike the crisp but
woody gravenstein for example.

  : )

Let's see here ladies and gentlemen. Why did she post the thread to What does Sci.Med.Lab posting have to do with what I am
posting on Why not complain to the people of cardiology
what I am posting in cardiology?

I know MEM,MD has already been accused by people here as giving medical
advice and he said they are not his patients and he wasn't giving medical
advice. I am being accused here of giving out medical advice which comes out
of thin air.

The people in know what I post there because I have been
there for years. They have no control over what I post here there or
anywhere and I also posted the charter to them just like I posted the
charter on cardiology.

She has a few issues and people better watch out.
Don't say I didn't warn you. I appreciate the love and attention Zee and why
you feel threatened is beyond me. I have a humble influence in cardiology as
my specialty is laboratory medicine.

I want to invite everybody to if you have any questions
pertaining to laboratory work not pertaining to cardiology. We regular
posters are all professionals there.


Wed, 02 Apr 2008 17:26:56 GMT
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