Temper Tantrums In Children 
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 Temper Tantrums In Children

Hi Everyone,
                  Now days We are seeing the new problem of temper in
the children is very common in the almost children's. That's only
cause of our behavior. If we maintain a good environment in our house
then children's are not reflect from this problem. Our child learn new
things from their first school that's home, no confusion. If we will
fight together (I means between husband & wife), then they will also
this from us.
                 I have seen an article on the "Temper Tantrums in
Children", I am forwarding you that link, if you know the people whose
children are bear like this problem. That's article help them to
better understanding the side-effect of the problem.
                Here i have read that, "A temper tantrum is an
unplanned, unintentional expression of anger, often with physical and
verbal outbursts; it is not an act to get attention, as is commonly
thought. During a temper tantrum, children typically cry, yell, and
flail their arms and legs. Temper tantrums usually last 30 seconds to
2 minutes and are most intense at the onset.".
               In that article also explain the symptoms of temper
tantrums, and also defined the behavi{*filter*}disorder of the children. At
this site you may also find the good healthy tips for Men's, Women's,
and also for Children's. In this site i have also seen solution of
many diseases.
               I am hoping that this information will help you for
better understanding the problem of Temper Tantrums in Children's. May
you want to read more about the articles?
Regards Dual,

Wed, 12 Aug 2009 12:51:12 GMT
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