Off the Pump: A Real Life Report 
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 Off the Pump: A Real Life Report

I haven't been on this newsgroup for awhile.  Fortunately, my husband is
doing very well after a stent implant last August.  Unfortunately, one of
my best friends underwent double by-pass surgery last week.  He had the
new off-the-pump procedure and he was considered the star patient at the
hospital for how quickly he was recovering.  He has no loss of memory.  
His breathing tube was taken out the day after surgery.  He was walking
around two days after surgery.  The only complication was chills and
fever three days after surgery which lasted for two days and then
subsided.  He is having trouble tying his shoes but was able to walk up
four flights of stairs five days after surgery.  It's quite remarkable
and I hope doctors continue to investigate this procedure.  

For a link on Health Scout about this new way of performing heart
surgery, please visit:

Best Health Wishes to you all,


Tue, 05 Oct 2004 03:59:18 GMT
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