The Miraculous 2KG Method 
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 The Miraculous 2KG Method


> > The 2KG Method is the best.
> > I have enjoyed endlessly wonderful results with it for several years now

> > >> Yes indeed! The 2KG 2 Kilogram Method is the *only* way to eat
> > >> properly

> > > Right you are Fred!

> I have been applying the 2KG-HEALTHY Method for over a year now. 2 kg (give or take) is
> the right amount of daily">food intake in my opinion. I am wonderfully
> full without being hungry! :-)

Indeed, it is smarter to hold to the right amount, which is
approximately 2 kilograms (4.4 lbs/70 oz) of daily food, thereby
stopping the undereating without harmfully overeating.

Yes, right amount and right type: 2KG-HEALTHY Method; approximately
2kg of lean meats, whole grains, vegetables and fruits, avoiding
animal fat, sugar and processed foods, as
Fred Farcus, MOO, **and** Dodi Westman are doing is both sophisticated
and smarter, especially because no weighing is needed :-))) Remember,
regarding the type of">food you eat... if man made it, stay away from



> >

> Yuck! Hundreds of pictures of hundreds of plates stacked with
> unhealthy junk food.

Gross! Looks like almost all processed foods full of fat, sugar and
starch. Very little nutritional value seen there. Just mainly empty


Better to:


Be fuller, which really is wonderfully healthier:


Because we mindfully choose to openly care with our heart, that all
have a full stomach, full of **nutritious foods**.


Brian Gene Kelley, PhD

"Myth: You Can't Be Overweight and Healthy"

"Study: Overweight People Live Longer"

"Starvation and Hunger, Humankind's Constant Companions"

"Stop Hunger Now"

Paul is not talking about just saying the words "Jesus is Lord".
Anyone can say that. Even demons can say it through people whom they
have possessed


Anyone can say insincerely say "Jesus is Lord".



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