try framing the habitat's convincing adoption and Pete will bounce you 
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 try framing the habitat's convincing adoption and Pete will bounce you

not have a card, and I call it "a chip in your ear,"
*       that would actually access your medical records, so that no matter
*       where you were, even if you came into an emergency room unconscious,
*       we would have some capacity to access that medical record.
*       We need to go beyond the narrow conceptualization of the smart card
*       and really use some of the technology that's out there.
*   California Governor Pete Wilson has actively stumped for a National I.D.
*   Card system, using the straw man of California's pervasive immigration
*   problem. California Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer support
*   it too. The latest proposal is to mandate I.D. cards for all school
*   children under the Goals 2000 national education program. Another plan
*   by the U.S. Labor Department would have required it for all users of a
*   National Job Training and Employment database.
*   George Orwell, in 1984, his classic novel of Big Brother and a coming
*   totalitarian state, observed that very few people are awake

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