PVC skipped heart beats cause of hydrocodone abuse? 
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 PVC skipped heart beats cause of hydrocodone abuse?

Hello,  Im having a problem with skipped heart beats.  Let me briefly
give you how this came into play.  Im 28 male who had been abusing
hydrocodone for about 2 years (no i was not taking this for any medical
reason).  I was taking up to 100mg of hydro daily.  I have been through
withdrawls before on a 50 mg habit and never had a problem like this.
After a good year long binge of 100mg <> a day, I decided to stop again
only because i started to feal weird chest pains in all different
areas.  My neck has siezed up twice not even sure if that is related.
Arms fell asleep but i do sleep kind of weird again not sure if that is

But as i tried to take more hydro it would hurt.  Now at this point on
im 30mg a day.  I was 230 lbs and now weight about 204.  I was waking
up in the middle of the night in what seemed a comma.  I was up but i
could not wake my body up.  I had to shake myself until I got up.  On
other occasions i would wake up in a panic, take my {*filter*} pressure
which would go up to 160.  This would happen every other day, then
almost ever day, until that one day would it would not stop ALL day.  I
saw my doctor and told him all this and subscribed me CATAPRES and a
"good luck" and scheduled me for a physical a week later.  The next day
things got alot worse and heart rate and {*filter*} pressure was more
constant. I actually could not take it anymore and went to the
emergency room.  I came in with a {*filter*} pressure of 165 and a heart
rate of 170bpm.  All the doctor did was take an EKG and requested more
CATAPRES since i was only on just a patch of .1mg.  Im now on 2 pills a
day plus the patch.  They then sent me home with the cause as narcotic
withdrawl which i dont entirely believe to be the reason.  Anyway, that
same night my nerves or heart did not seem to stop and was in fear that
my heart could not keep up at this pace any longer, i took a half of
xanex(thank god i had available) and slept like a baby.  Panic almost
all gone, temporarily anyway.

The only bad news is now as after i went to the doctor again for
another EKG he says i do still have irregular heart beats.  Next week
when a holter monitor is available he will put me on one as well as a
chest xray.  I know for a fact by fealing my own pulse that every
couple minutes or so my heart DOES skip a beat and comes back with a
large pulse.  I do feel this in my stomach as if it is nerves or just
scared that it happened.

The good news is Im on about a 10mg habit every other day or so and
basically done but still have that skip heart beat fealing.  Also i
woke up twice last night one time my heart seemed to be racing again in
my dream.  So, my question is can anyone offer any advice?  Should i
continue valium or xanex at low doses?  Should i excercise or do i need
rest from my heart going crazy for days. I have been to the doctor and
the hospital and not getting much advise or help.

Thu, 28 Jun 2007 07:38:51 GMT
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