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 US-PA: Philadelphia-Analyst (Clinical)

doubtless, have reached your ears, made it necessary that I should be
particular. But I would leave it entirely with your wisdom to make what
use of it you think best, to send a part of it to England, or all, or
none, if you think it not worthy; or otherwise to dispose of it as you
may think most for God's glory, and the interest of religion. If you are
pleased to send any thing to the Rev. Dr. Guyse, I should be glad to
have it signified to him, as my humble desire, that since he and the
congregation to which he preached, have been pleased to take so much
notice of us, as they have, that they would also think of us at the
throne of grace, and seek there for us, that God would not forsake us,
but enable us to bring forth fruit answerable to our profession, and our
mercies; and that our "light may so shine before men, that others seeing
our good works, may glorify our Father which is in heaven."

When I first heard of the notice the Rev. Dr. Watts and Dr. Guyse took
of God's mercies to us, I took occasion to inform our congregation of it
in a discourse from these words-A city that set upon a hill cannot be
hid. And having since seen a particular account of the notice which the
Rev. Dr. Guyse and his congregation took of it, in a letter you wrote to
my honored uncle Williams, I read that part of your letter to the
congregation, and labored as much as in me lay to enforce their duty
from it. The congregation were very sensibly mo

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 US-PA: Philadelphia-Analyst (Clinical)
how love the body or the soul,
except for these qualities which do not constitute me, since they are
perishable? For it is impossible and would be unjust to love the soul of a
person in the abstract and whatever qualities might be therein. We never,
then, love a person, but only qualities.

Let us, then, jeer no more at those who are honoured on account of rank and
office; for we love a person only on account of borrowed qualities.

324. The people have very sound opinions, for example:

1. In having preferred diversion and hunting to poetry. The half-learned
laugh at it, and glory in being above the folly of the world; but the people
are right for a reason which these do not fathom.

2. In having distinguished men by external marks, as birth or wealth. The
world again exults in showing how unreasonable this is; but it is very
reasonable. Savages laugh at an infant king.

3. In being offended at a blow, or in desiring glory so much. But it is very
desirable on account of the other essential goods which are joined to it;
and a man who has received a blow, without resenting it, is overwhelmed with
taunts and indignities.

4. In working for the uncertain; in sailing on the sea; in walking over a

325. Montaigne is wrong. Custom should be followed only because it is
custom, and not because it is reasonable or just. But p

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