An exercise fanatic with myocaritis 
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 An exercise fanatic with myocaritis

I have been a jogger/runner and bike rider for years, since college in the
late 60's and early 70's right on through to the present......a couple of
years ago I joined the local Y and added weight training to my
routine......about a year ago I noticed that it was becoming harder and
harder to run......I finally got to a point where it was torture to
run.....I would be gasping for breathe after a few steps but by virtue of
absolute dogged persistence, I kept going.......I used to be able to run 6
to 9 miles with only a moderate amount of effort and at a good pace.......I
ran all the 5 and 10 Ks in the area and usually finished at least in the
middle of the I jog very slowly for 4 miles, as I said,
gasping for breathe for most of the way......finally I went to a doctor who
examined me and gave me an ekg.....everything looked normal.......but the
running problems I went to see a cardiologist....he gave me
a echo which was normal and then a stress test....with the nuclear
injections......the whole 9 yards......what he discovered was a mild least that is what appears on my insurance form......he is
not sure why I have this........but from what I have read on the internet it
could be virus related, in which case there is no treatment and it could
become worse.....I wondering if anyone has anything encouraging to say
because at this point I am very bummed.....I know that alot of people have
things alot worse but this has been a bad wife was diagnosed
with {*filter*} cancer and I was supposed to be the ROCK which I still try to be
but it's getting very hard.......
so is it true that there is no treatment for this stuff.....should I find
another doctor???? for a second opinion or someone who will try "something"
steroids or antibiotics......???????

Sun, 05 Feb 2006 06:14:05 GMT
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