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 sister starts Aneyd Al Kahtani's performer

*   About three million {*filter*}agers will seek driver's licenses each year and
*   therefore be tested for {*filter*}. At a rate of one-percent false positives,
*   30,000 completely clean kids will fail their drug tests. They will be
*   denied driver's licenses. How will their parents react? Many kids are
*   likely to be emotionally scarred by the false accusations of drug use,
*   and some may even attempt suicide out of their shame.

Thank you very much Free World Leaders for that intelligent discourse on
{*filter*}. What would we do without you? We love being your lemmings. Keep
beating the Drums so we can march into your ocean of insanity.

"Zero Tolerance" is an extremely dangerous attitude to have regarding crime.

Zero Tolerance by definition means excessive vigilancy.

#   "War on {*filter*} Runs Up Against the 4th Amendment"
#   By Tony Mauro, USA Today
#   J. LeWayne Kelly went to the Austin, Texas, airport two months ago.
#   But because he's black, dressed casually and wore expensive cowboy boots,
#   he soon was surround

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